Cool Google Tricks That You Can Try Right Now

    One defining trait of the Google browser is that the developers behind obviously aren’t scared of having a little fun!  There is a myriad of little tricks that they’ve snuck into their system to get you when you least expect it – in a good way.

    Luckily, you don’t need to search for them on your own!  We’ve compiled a few of our absolute favorites that you can try right now.  It is certainly one way to help alleviate any boredom.


    Speak Another Language

    Oooooh, we’re going to start with a fun one!  Want to make your browser speak like a pirate, muppet or klingon?  Easy peasy.  Go to your Google homepage, and click on the nine little squares in the top corner.  Then choose “Account.”

    From there, scroll down to the bottom and look for “Make Google Yours” and click on “Manage your data and personalization.”

    Scroll down further to find “General Preferences for the Web”, and select “language”.  You can then choose from a wide variety of language options to give your web browser a bit of flavor!

    Go Back in Time

    Feeling a little nostalgic for the olden days of the interwebs?  Go to Google and type in “Google in 1998”.  Prepare to be whisked away into your past, or before you were even born, if you’re a youngin’.

    Google Gravity

    No, we don’t mean google the word “gravity”, instead, you should google the term, “google gravity”.  Click on the first link that appears, and have fun trying to repair your search engine afterward.  (I promise it’s not as bad as it sounds.)

    Zerg Rush

    Would you like a way to idly pass the time?  Then try typing “zerg rush” into your google browser.  Little zerglings (you might recognize them from the game, Starcraft!) will start to populate your screen so that they can consume the search results.

    Your job is to stop these little invaders by clicking them.  Think you can win?

    Something is Askew

    No, seriously.  Search for the word, “askew”, and see what happens!

    A Little Recursive

    If you’re not familiar with the definition of recursion, Google goes above and beyond to prove the point.  It is basically a “repeated application of a recursive procedure or definition”.

    If you type in “recursion” in Google, it will reply with “Did you mean: recursion“, and if you click on that link, it will continue to repeat itself indefinitely.

    Want a Little Arcade Action?

    Then head on over to Google and type in “pacman”.  Boom!  You’ll be immediately presented with a playable Pac-Man game!

    Unable to Connect

    Google even takes it a step further when it comes to playable games!  If for some reason you’re unable to connect to the internet, Google tries to make you feel a little less frustrated by providing you with a fun little dino game to pass time until you’re able to reconnect.

    How sweet is that?!