Cloud Storage Not Really A Cloud? Fun Facts About Your Storage

Storing your personal information in the cloud can sometimes be confusing. However, there are multiple ways to store and protect your data.

Did You Know?

Cloud storage can sometimes be confused as being just a cloud. Storing information in the cloud basically means that you’re storing your information to a remote server on the internet.

This can seem like your information is stored in a cloud, but in a sense, your information only follows around you like a cloud and you are able to access it whenever and wherever you go.

Unlike other forms of privacy protection, using specific cloud storage servicers can protect your information without the worry of being hacked.

Not only are regular people using cloud storages to store their data, but it is also being used by more than half of the United States government agencies. Once these agencies shifted to using cloud storages, they saved more than $5.5 billion a year.