Clever Cat Has Become a Jail-Breaking Legend in Texas Shelter

Out in a Texas animal shelter, there is a a seriously clever cat who has developed a reputation as a jail-breaking legend.

Quilty the brown rescue cat sits in shelter enclosure
Friends for Life Animal Organization

And no, I don’t just mean that he keeps getting out. This furry feline has apparently been letting all of his buddies out of their enclosures at the shelter, too.

Quilty, the Jail-Breaking Legend

quilty rescue cat texas shelter opens doors
Friends For Life Animal Rescue Organization

This is Quilty, and he’s been residing at the Friends for Life Animal Rescue Organization in Houston, Texas. Even though this no-kill shelter was founded all the way back in 2002, they haven’t seen a cat quite like Quilty before.

This cat was originally described as “smart,” “energetic,” and a “laid back fella,” which I can totally see. However, it also said that he could “be a bit shy,” and I don’t know that I buy it.

The shelter was already aware that Quilty has a knack for opening closed doors, writing in his biography, “When I see one, it challenges me, and I work hard to get it open and I’m usually successful.”

When he ended up at the shelter, they were made aware that he was guilty of opening doors at his previous home. He would often open the door to let a dog indoors, which apparently didn’t please his previous owners. But hey, I’m sure the dog appreciated it!

The shelter soon found out just how much Quilty likes to open doors, though.

Quilty Just Can’t Be Confined

He was originally put into the senior room, but he repeatedly opened the door and let all the cats out “several times a day.” In order to “Quilty-proof” the room, they moved him to the lobby, aka “solitary confinement.” I’m sure that his friends missed his frequent jail breaks.

quilty the jailbreak cat in shelter enclosure
@free_quilty via Instagram

As with any cat who joins (or re-joins) the room, he had to reacclimate to the room by hanging in the integration kennel first. Well, it turns out that Quilty is skilled in busting out of kennels, too.

He also managed to skip out of the senior room once and crashed a staff meeting down the hall.

If you’re worried about Quilty finding a home, our little jail-breaking feline friend has, in fact, found his (hopefully) furr-ever home. According to the shelter’s website, Quilty has joined a family for a sleepover, which is basically a one-week trial period where the potential adopter lets the animal come hang to see if it’s going to work out.

Quilty’s new owners say that it’s going great so far, and “he hasn’t shown any slickness at all yet.”