Smarter Cars, Higher Rates: Why Your Auto Insurance Keeps Getting More Expensive

Rising car insurance rates are becoming a real burden to American drivers. A big factor is the cost of repairing the high-tech gadgets that come standard in new cars. These tech features are supposed to keep us safer, but...

Behavior-Based Car Insurance Is Coming, How to Be Prepared

With all of the variables at play when it comes to car insurance, another will soon be joining the ranks—your own behavior. Current onboard diagnostics only track what the vehicle is doing, but behavior-based insurance will measure both driver behavior...

How a Texting-While-Driving Ticket Can Cause an Auto Insurance Penalty

You know the usual suspects that will cause you a penalty for your auto insurance: a speeding ticket, running a red light, causing an accident. All things you expect to make your insurance rates go up. But did you...

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It Turns Out Unicorns Were Real—And Terrifying!

Forget your sparkly pastel unicorns... there are no sugary latte mascots or My Little Ponies here! Instead, we’ve got the Siberian unicorn. Come to the...

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