Some Tips on Tackling Student Loans

The most recent graduates of 2016 finished college with an average of over $37,000 in debt. When you’re just starting down your career path, that’s a massive debt. Since bankruptcy is not a solution for student loans and lenders can...

What to Do When Your Child is Being Bullied at School

When we find out our child is being bullied, it is really hard not to let the mama (or papa!) bear come out.  You might want to approach the bully or the bully’s parents on your own, but this...

Facts about Charter Schools You Probably Didn’t Know

Are you thinking about letting your child enroll in a charter school? Here are a few facts that might help you make your decision. 1. The “charter” in a charter school refers to the agreement the school and the government have...

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The Last Blockbuster Video on Earth

It's funny how some memories just stick in your mind, no matter how mundane they seemed at the time. I can remember the sights...

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