Beer for Dogs? Yes, It’s a Real Thing!

beer for dogs

Is your dog a good boy (or girl)? Then maybe your beloved pup deserves a frosty beverage to unwind after a long day of being good. A bar in Houston has started brewing beer for dogs. Seriously!

Good Boy Dog Beer began a few years ago when Megan and Steve Long wanted to make a treat for their Rottweiler mix, Rocky. The Longs’ pup was having trouble with his digestion, and the bar owners had the brilliant—or crazy—idea to try brewing beer for dogs.

A Secret Ingredient

So what does that actually mean? Well, the Good Boy Dog Beer doesn’t contain alcohol, in case you were worried. The couple uses a blend of vegetables, meat, and turmeric. According to the Longs, turmeric helps dogs digest food. It’s a trendy spice for humans these days, too. Turmeric gives curry its distinctive yellow color. Apparently dogs like it too, because the company has taken off.

From Wacky Idea to Business

The Longs sell their beer at more than 20 bars and restaurants in Houston that welcome canine friends along with their human companions. They also ship cans of beer for dogs nationwide, so if you’re hankering for something a little different, maybe Fido or FiFi might like a six-pack?

The beer is available in flavors with cheeky names: “IPA LOT in the Yard” (say it out loud…), “Mailman Malt Licker,” and “Crotch Sniffin’ Ale.”

“I’m not a crazy dog lady. I just really wanted to prolong my boy’s life,” Megan Long said.