An Easy-To-Follow Checklist For Living Longer

Want to live a longer and healthier life? It’s really quite simple. Following the advice contained in the checklist below will not only help you enjoy a greater number of years – but to also enjoy better health during those additional years.

Checklist for living longer

This checklist is divided into these key areas: Diet, exercise, mental well-being, and habits.

Good habits to practice:

  • Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night.
  • Drink 6-8, eight-ounce glasses of water per day.
  • Get regular medical checkups.
  • Take vitamins and supplements.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.

Bad habits to stop:

  • Drinking alcohol to excess.
  • Drinking excessive amounts of high-fructose corn syrup sweetened beverages, such as sodas.
  • Eating too many processed and “artificial foods.”
  • Consuming too much salt and sugar.


Eat more fish: Especially oily fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, mackerel, herring, tuna or sardines.

Get more protein from plants: Eat more plant sources which contain protein such as green leafy vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Eat more nuts: Walnuts are extremely beneficial, as well as pistachios.

Eat more spices and peppers: Health benefits can be found from cinnamon, turmeric, and a variety of hot peppers.

Eat more fruits and vegetables: No more to say about it – just do it!

Drink coffee: To help fight against type-2 diabetes, lower the risk of heart disease and dementia. It also raises the metabolism and can help with weight loss.


Engage in 150 minutes of aerobic exercise each week.

Engage in 40-60 minutes of strength training or resistance exercises per week, either using weights, resistance bands or your body weight as resistance.

Stretch: Flexibility is essential to a variety of things such as: Keeping your muscles loose a member, maintaining the full range of motion in all your joints, as well as, to keep your joints lubricated.

Other activities:

  • Take a daily walk.
  • Limit the number of hours you spend sitting.
  • Find ways to be more active and keep moving.

Mental Well-being

  • Maintain friendships.
  • Work on de-stressing.
  • Engage in activities that stimulate your brain.
  • Find a purpose.
  • Spend time assisting others or volunteering.
  • Get some sun.
  • Work on “staying young at heart.”