Amazingly Funny Superhero Jokes

In honor of Stan Lee’s passing, let’s gather round and crack a few jokes about superheroes. Sometimes you gotta laugh through those tears, my little fanboys and fangirls.


What if Iron Man and the Silver Surfer teamed up?

They would be alloys…


What is Thor’s favorite food?



Why does Wonder Woman spend so much money on airplanes?

She keeps forgetting where she parked them…


What’s a superhero’s favorite drink?

Fruit punch!


What kind of music does Thor like?

He’s really into MC Hammer


What is Iron Man without his iconic suit?

Stark naked!


How does a superhero fix a broken coffee mug?

A whole lot of Super Glue!


What does Superman use to eat his cereal?

A Superbowl


What do you get if you cross Captain America with the Incredible Hulk?

The Star-Spangled Banner!


Why was Thor avoiding his father?
He Odin money…


What’s black and white and goes round and round?

The Penguin, stuck in a revolving door!


Why are all the pictures from the superhero party so dark?

They forgot to invite The Flash.


What do you call Superman’s city after a rainstorm?



What do you call Diana Prince when she takes a nap?

Slumber Woman


Do superheroes like mixers in their drinks?

Nah, just ice.


What is the Green Goblin’s favorite band?

Smashing Pumpkins


Why won’t Captain America use the metric system?

He refuses to support a foreign ruler


What kind of cake does Matt Murdoch get on his birthday?

Daredevil’s food cake!


This one’s a thinker…

Sixteen sodium atoms walk into a bar, followed by Batman.

(Hint: the chemical symbol for sodium is Na)


Why aren’t there any lights on in Wayne Manor after sunset?

Because Bruce Wayne prefers a Dark Knight