600+ Santas Coasted into Christmas in a Way You’d Never Expect!

When you think of Christmas, the last thing you probably imagine is the ocean.  Or surfing.  Or even more unbelievable – seeing Santas surfing.  What about over 600 surfing Santas?!  That’s exactly what happened on Christmas Eve in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

I don’t think anyone could personally blame any Santa for choosing to spend his Christmas Eve relaxing by the beach. By the looks of the photos below, all of the Santas certainly had a lot of fun!

Santa Goes Surfing…  En Masse

Florida’s Space Coast | NPI

Apparently this entire surfing Santa trend started back in 2009, when surfer George Trosset saw a Honda automobile ad that just happened to feature surfers wearing Santa suits.  He thought it was such a great idea that he asked his wife to create a Santa wet suit, which ended up creating a big splash when he wore it out in public.

Almost a decade later, and the trend has seemed to really catch on!  There are now over 600 Santas who participate each year, and they come in all shapes, sizes, genders and ages.

All for a Jolly Good Cause

Florida’s Space Coast | NPI

The best thing about this event isn’t just seeing all of the soaking Santas – they’re out risking the waves for a really good cause.  This year they raised $40,000 for the Florida Surf Museum, and Grind for Life, which are two local nonprofit organizations.

Even though they weren’t going about it in the traditional sense, these Santas were definitely spreading good cheer and bringing smiles to the faces that need it most.  If you’re ready to bring a smile to your own face, check out these photos from the big event!

Not Just for Santa!

Florida’s Space Coast | NPI

It looks like it isn’t just Santas who got involved – any Christmas creatures were gladly welcome to attend and help raise money, and help make the holidays a little brighter.  And wetter.

Ho Ho Ho, Who Wouldn’t Go?

Florida’s Space Coast | NPI

Seriously.  If I lived anywhere near this event, I’d definitely be getting my feet wet.

Twice as Nice

Florida’s Space Coast | NPI

Talk about starting a new Christmas tradition with your loved one!  It will certainly give your children something to talk about one day.

Hang 10, Santa!

Florida’s Space Coast | NPI

I guess that’s one way to help alleviate guilt from all of the Christmas cookies and milk he later consumed that evening.