6 of the Creepiest Things People Found in Their Houses

Unless you’re the first person to ever live in your home, you can’t be certain what happened before you moved in. Sure, maybe the people that lived there were perfectly ordinary.

Or maybe they were serial killers who accidentally left behind a few trophies when they moved out. Read on to discover the creepiest things people found in their houses!

creepiest things people found in their houses

Hidden Murder Room

When a college student was checking out rental homes, he discovered a door behind a furnace. He and his buddies explored the strange hidden room only to find a noose hanging from the ceiling and cryptic messages on the walls. His very practical solution: cut down the noose and then never go in that room again.

Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?

When Ben and Amber Sessions moved into their gorgeous Idaho home, they thought they’d found a place to settle down. But it turns out that the home was already occupied…by hundreds of garter snakes. The couple couldn’t sleep because the snakes were constantly slithering inside the walls. The previous owners had abandoned the house, and the Sessions followed suit three months after moving in.

A Mass Grave

This discovery made me rethink one of the Founding Fathers. Apparently, the London home where Benjamin Franklin once lived had over 1200 skeletons in the basement. Some where animal and some were human. Apparently Franklin allowed his friend William Hewson to run a secret anatomy school out of his basement, since dissecting cadavers was illegal at the time.

A Surprise Roommate

Back in 2013, some Ohio State University students discovered that they had a previously unknown roommate living in their house. A secret room in the basement as inhabited by a man none of them had ever met. He moved out after being caught…but it makes you want to double-check your house just in case.

Scariest Poetry Ever

One redditor reported that they once lived in an old house in North Dakota with a sinister history. Not only had at least two people died in the home—an elderly couple who passed away of natural causes—but the previous owner had committed suicide in the backyard. He had written this on the ceiling of the basement: “I wrote a little poem. I wrote it on my wrist. I wrote it with a blade. I wrote it with a twist.”

And now that’s going to haunt me for the rest of forever.

Sorry About the Smell

If a New York City apartment seems too good to be true, there’s probably a dead body in it. A young couple found that out the hard way when they discovered a dead body wrapped in a shower curtain in the cupboard of their Brooklyn apartment. The body was of the previous resident, an ex-con with a shady past. The killer kindly left a note apologizing for the smell…