20 Kids Crying for the Stupidest Heckin’ Reasons

If you’re a parent, you know how this goes. Kids, of course, can be super temperamental. Duh.

Now, this means that sometimes they get upset over the most ridiculous – or dumbest – things imaginable. Trust us, we have receipts.

Here are just a few prime examples of kids crying over the stupidest things. If you’ve got kids, there’s a good chance you can totally relate when it comes to these seriously shameful snaps.

1. Why Can’t I Hold All These Crayons?

cutememequeen via imgur

Hey, it happens.

2. Meeting Bill Murray

cutememequeen via imgur

Hey, we might cry too if we got to meet Bill Murray – maybe not that kind of ugly crying though.

3. Slippery Fork

cutememequeen via imgur

It can’t possibly have anything to do with the oven mitts or anything. That darn fork was just too slippery.

4. Utilizing Tools

cutememequeen via imgur

Once again, the fork has failed to be usable – for shame.

5. “The Bridge”

cutememequeen via imgur

That bridge honestly doesn’t look too safe.

6. Nooo, Not the Goat Food!

cutememequeen via imgur

Who would have thought the goat at the petting zoo would want to eat the food it was offered?

7. Nappy Attachment

This kid must really love that nappy.

8. Aversion to Sharing

cutememequeen via imgur

Clearly no one taught this kid that sharing is caring. His sister, on the other hand, looks like she dgaf.

9. The Humanity!

cutememequeen via imgur

Can you believe this? Who washes such earthly seasonings from fruit like this? Sacrilege, we say!

10. Little Bacon Lover

cutememequeen via imgur

Who wouldn’t want more bacon? Granted, she does appear to have more on her plate.

11. Trees Need Protection Too

cutememequeen via imgur

It’s admirable that this kid wants to help the trees. However, the sun is probably the last thing they need protection from.

12. Broken Cheese

cutememequeen via imgur

The horror! That cheese is totally inedible now.

13. Swing Envy

cutememequeen via imgur

Hey, sometimes you just want to be the only one on a swing, right?

14. Raw Eggs for Breakfast

cutememequeen via imgur

Everybody knows that eggs are perfectly fine when they’re still raw.

15. Incompatible Toys

cutememequeen via imgur

Raise your hand if you’ve totally been here and been equally frustrated.

16. The Unwrapped Tampon

drbatookhan via imgur

This kid is clearly woke. Just look at him raising awareness for the plight of women everywhere through his stunning display of performance art.

17. That’s Not Kool-Aid

cutememequeen via imgur

This is totally an honest mistake.

18. But Doormats are Delicious

trulu via imgur

Who knows what that doormat could be made of.

19. Luxurious Toilet Sponge

trulu via imgur

Perhaps she wants to exfoliate. After all, you’re never too young to start taking care of your skin.

20. Dadgum Dogs

trulu via imgur

This is a perfectly legitimate reason to be upset. Seriously, dogs are incredibly talented when it comes to always being in the way.