14 Book Jokes for Word Nerds

book jokes

Are you a bookworm? Then you’ll love these literary laugh riots. Puns, allusions, and grammar jokes are on the horizon, so get ready to chortle in your glee, book lovers!

Why is John Milton terrible to invite to game nights?

Because whenever he’s around, there’s a pair of dice lost.

What would you find in Charles Dickens’s kitchen?

The best of thymes, the worst of thymes.

Which dinosaur writes romance novels?

The Brontësaurus.

Why do writers often feel cold?

Because they’re surrounded by drafts.

What kind of word should you invite to a tea party?

A proper noun.

Why do words, phrases, and punctuation keep ending up in court?

To be sentenced.

What makes Civil Disobedience such a great essay?

Thoreau editing.

My English teacher looked my way and told me to name two pronouns.

I said, ‘Who, me?’

How to get an A on everything?

Commit adultery in a 17th-century Puritan town.

How does Voltaire like his apples?


“What are you doing in that wardrobe?”

“Narnia business!”

I tried to enjoy Pride and Prejudice the first time I read it, but I found a lot of the main characters to be too Austentatious.

Why was Odysseus in such a rush to get home?

Because Homer is where the heart is.

Why did the comma break up with the apostrophe?

Because it was too possessive.